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COVID-19 has crushed communities across the country. As a result of the pandemic, people are losing their loved ones, suffering from economic instability, and coping with the mental consequences of isolation and anxiety. The sooner that the pandemic is controlled, the quicker, we as a community, can execute all stages of recovery.


Dustin served on the Elgin Strategic Plan Advisory Committee from 2012-2017. As a member, Dustin witnessed the difficult decisions made to ensure our community rose out of the Great Recession with a balanced budget, strong bond ratings, and a healthy reserve. However there is more we can do to ensure Elgin's prosperity.


The city of Elgin possesses a unique set of resources that differentiate it from surrounding communities. However, Elgin has potential which has yet to be tapped. From streamlining permitting to securing further investments in our community, this next council will have to work hand in hand with staff and business leaders to ensure our swift recovery from 2020.


Following the passing of the Climate Emergency Resolution, Elgin became the only second municipality in the state of Illinois to do so. The approval of the resolution will allow the city to gain a head start in identifying, adopting, and leveraging solutions to become a leader in the region.


Dustin's encounters with unsheltered residents in our community drives him to further understand and empathize with those individuals. He also understands the perspectives of business owners who wish that their businesses, and their city alike, remain safe and clean for their guests. A housing first model can help everyone.


Public safety is more than reducing violence between each other, its also about making sure our residents can pursue a healthier life. Mental, emotional, and physical health will be tested coming out of this pandemic and Dustin wants to ensure Elgin does everything we can to help each other through this challenging period.