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Public safety is more than our police department, it's about us. We need more people to get involved and make lasting positive change at the neighborhood level. We can not expect police, attorney, and judges to make us safer. They respond, we can prevent. However we can only do this if we look out for each other. Fortunately leaders in Elgin are willing to experiment with new approaches. Recently Elgin Police Department initiated community advisory boards. There are around seventy residents who serve on these boards, and I am one of them who represents the east side of Elgin. We are excited to start building our community engagement ecosystem and I believe the more people we get involved, the safer our neighborhoods will be. Beyond these groups we also need to ensure there is a constant intentional interaction between police and residents. There needs to be more two-way communication and accountability for us to reach healthy levels of trust. A goal of mine is to ensure neighborhoods have crime and 311 data specific to their boundaries. This way we can assess the specific challenges of those areas and set goals to measure progress. Each neighborhood is different and we need to evaluate at those levels. Together we can make our street safer and rebuild trust in each other and our institutions.

Community Advisory Boards | City of Elgin, Illinois - Official Website