Image by Rafał Rudol


Make no mistake, the challenges of our changing climate are already upon us. Fortunately our region is well positioned to handle the changes, however, many people people in America are already looking for a new place to call home. As we move forward in this century I believe the Great Lakes region will become increasingly desirable and we need to take advantage of this shift. How Miami responds to their changing environment will look dramatically different than Elgin's, nonetheless, we will need to look at the future of our city through the lens of this ongoing change. Which is why I believe I am the best candidate for this moment. As a student at Elgin Community College I started the Student Organization for Sustainability. I have also spent a large portion of my professional life studying and working in areas directly tied to building more resilient communities. I am ready to work hand in hand with residents and our incoming Sustainability Coordinator toward building a stronger, more self-reliant, Elgin.