Personally this pandemic has turned my life upside down. When shelter in place began, we lost three jobs in one weekend. Then I got sick. Really sick. Overall I have had a fever for fifty days this year along with a long list of other symptoms, unfortunately some continue to linger after seven months. We were extremely careful from the onset of the shelter in place order yet still managed to come in contact with the virus. To overcome this pandemic as quickly as possible it is important we all play a part in helping our larger community. We must take precaution not to spread the virus, while also ensure our family, friends, and neighbors are doing ok. The physical toll is easier to see however countless people are struggling with anxiety, depression, fear, and isolation. Each and everyone of us needs to reach out, call the ones we care about and check in on each other. We're all burned out at this point, but we need to keep our guard up to ensure our quickest recovery. 

Link to Elgin COVID-19 Resource page: COVID-19 Resources and Information | City of Elgin, Illinois - Official Website

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