Building Homes


Elgin has a long history of stepping up to help those in need, and we will continue this tradition. As someone who has lived next to the parking deck at Chicago and Spring street, I have have witnessed up close the struggles of those who live un-sheltered in our community. Over the summer I began working with a team of Elgin residents to pursue better options for sheltering, feeding, and transporting residents. We have been meeting with individuals, business owners, police, state leaders, soup kettle operators, and shelters. You may have even digitally signed the petition I made this year which sought to help PADS secure a new location. Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way. We believe it is important to protect those who have fallen on hard times; and we believe housing first is a way to ensure individuals can finally get on their feet while attempting to put their best foot forward. Housing first models have also shown over time to be more cost effective than our current emergency response approach.