Dustin Good

Exploring local gov, no-code , and biomimicry.


Recently elected City Councilmember in Elgin, the 6th largest community in Illinois.

In addition to my role on Council, I work with a small research and development team focused on growing resident to resident trust and interaction.

2022 will be focused on block parties and neighborhood clean-ups as a means to combat social isolation while strengthening community capital.


I believe our social infrastructure needs attention just like our physical infrastructure. I also believe taking a build-with approach is the only sustainable way to spark lasting resident driven development.

I believe, that right now, we have a sweet spot existing between time-tested resident action, technology, and acknowledgement. Streamlining and incentivizing block clean-ups, block parties, and mutual-aid network creation will help communities lower crime, improve property values, reduce social isolation, and better prepare communities for disasters.

The main goal is to strengthen the social fabric of our communities. For the last decade social media has increasingly changed the way people interact with their physical community. Some for better, others for worse. I want to make sure the traditions of picking up litter, throwing block parties, and helping neighbors are enhanced by technology not forgotten because of it.